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Hermit Crabs

Come to the Hermit Crab Races – it’s absolutely FREE!
Every Wednesday in July and August. Call for more info!
Registration starts at 7:00 PM and the races start at 8:00 PM sharp!

--Free music! DJ takes requests!--


Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are a very popular exotic type of pet that are safe, quiet, easy to care for, long lived, requiring very little space and educational. They provide hours of entertainment watching their antics and observing their day to day activities. Contrary to his name, Hermie is not a hermit or a loner. He loves the company of friends and thrives with other hermit crabs preferring to live in groups rather than a solitary existence. Hermies are easy to tame rapidly becoming accustomed to human friends and interacting with them.

Hermies are surprisingly intelligent and can climb like a squirrel, retract into their shell like a turtle, dig as fast as a clam and move into a new shell at lightning speed.

Hermies make good pets because they are small, and can live for many years in a goldfish bowl or small terrarium, taking no more than a square foot of space in your house. Hermies are a lot less expensive to buy and maintain some larger pets.

They are one of the hardiest of creatures to own because they rarely are diseased and can even regrow a missing or broken claw, leg or eye. Hermit crabs change shells as they grow. Watching them “trading spaces” can be one of the most fascinating parts of owning a pet crab!

A hermit crab is a living creature and like owning any other live pet, requires a long term commitment to its feeding and care.

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